Welcome to 
Practice Green

Mission Statement

Through Practice Green, Henry Schein aims to encourage communities to become more eco-friendly by providing solutions to support, educate, and enhance the environmental sustainability efforts of our customers.

A product provided in the Practice Green portfolio has been carefully selected by Henry Schein as ‘green’ based on the marketing information provided by the supplier partner for the product that it is either reusable, contains recycled materials, can be recycled or are biodegradable, or are from a sustainable source.

Protecting the Planet 
for a Healthier Future

Key Messages

Practice Green is designed to empower the health care community to positively impact the future of the planet by reducing the ecological footprint and promoting sustainability – both in daily life and while at work.

Our goal is to help health care professionals to increase their sustainability efforts while continuing to provide high-quality patient care.

Henry Schein customers can rely on us to provide a selection of products, services, and solutions to help create a greener practice.

We recognise that with our global environmental footprint and unique position within an ecosystem of relationships with suppliers, business partners, and customers, we can be a driving force for sustainability.

As a global distributor of health care solutions, Henry Schein supports its customers and the journey towards enhancing environmental sustainability.

Through Practice Green, Henry Schein will offer customers solutions that will help to implement practical ways to become more sustainable, while following the current health and safety legislation and providing high-quality patient care.

We scale our environmental impact downstream in our supply chain by encouraging our customers to go green in the health care practices and adopt a shared commitment to sustainability.

This programme aligns with our commitment to mitigate our impact on the climate, reduce waste to landfills, and recycle and reuse valuable materials while practicing smart and efficient use of energy and water resources.

At Henry Schein, we are dedicated to managing our activities to protect the earth. We support the environmental sustainability efforts of our customers, and together, we can build a healthier world for all.

For more information on Henry Schein’s global Environmental Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives, please see the Corporate Citizenship website or check the ESG - At a Glance document. 

For specific offerings in your market, please contact your local Henry Schein representation.